Silhouette Surgery


This procedure is intended for women or men who wish to have a flat stomach. In addition, this surgery makes it possible to reduce the waist thanks to the possibility of bringing together the rectus muscles (diastasis cure) and lipo aspiration the flanks.

Surgical indications

This procedure is proposed when excess skin The excess skin is too important for which sport / diet / liposuction / aesthetic medicine (cryotherapy) are ineffective. The excess skin must be carefully removed to restore a harmonious appearance. harmony to the body.

Some factors accelerate its occurrence such as weight variation, the pregnanciesor certain skin diseases (affecting the connective tissue).

Before / After

If you would like to see more before and after results, Dr. Alexandre G. LELLOUCH will share them with you during your consultation

Course of the intervention

The preoperative consultation

It takes place at medical practice. You will discuss with Dr. Alexandre. G LELLOUCH in order to specify your expectations and he will determine with you the best possible option

A additional examinations will be prescribed (adapted according to each patient) as well as preoperative photos will be performed.

At the end of the consultation, the plastic surgeon will give you a estimate and a operative consent.

Course of the intervention

of the intervention

Abdominoplasty is an intervention very frequent in plastic surgery. The goal is to be able to removal of excess skinto reduce the waistof the abdomen firm up the abdomen and create a new umbilicus (umbilicoplasty)

The scars are horizontal (at the bottom of the belly), at the level of the Caesarean scar (7 cm from the pubis). Please note that each patient is different and your case will be discussed with Dr. Alexandre G. LELLOUCH in consultation.

Dr. Alexandre G. LELLOUCH will see you again the day of the operation to make the drawings. preoperative drawings using a black marker and a ruler to be as precise as possible.

Type of anesthesia

General anesthesia performed by an anesthesiologist

Duration of the intervention

Between 2 and 3 hours. Performed only by Dr. Alexandre G. LELLOUCH

Type of hospitalization

 Hospitalization (1 to 2 days)


After the intervention


Yes, especially if associated with liposuction and or diastasis treatment

Control visit

Postoperative consultation with the surgeon at D-1 and 1 month. Dr. Alexandre G. LELLOUCH can be reached in case of additional needs

Duration of convalescence and care

1 month on average until complete healing 

Nursing care

Daily shower and dressing until complete healing. Nurse at home if needed (dressing care)

Resumption of sports activities

2 months (depending on the type of exercise) 


The patient will have to stop working for 1 month. This period will depend on the job performed

A abdominal girdle should be worn day and night for 6 weeks

The results are immediateHowever, it is necessary to wait a few months for the final results

The scars have their final appearance around 12-18 months

Practical Information
(for everyone

  • Do a blood test prescribed by the surgeon
  • Do an Sthoraco abdominal canner prescribed by the surgeon
  • Well Fill out your clinic file before your consultation with the anesthesiologist
  • Take appointment with an anesthesiologist at the clinic and schedule a consultation between 1 month and 1 week before your surgery date
  • Smoking cessation 3 weeks before and 3 weeks after for optimal results
  • No exposure to the sun on scars for 1 year
  • Buy postoperative medication/medical equipment before the procedure so that you have as little stress as possible after the procedure

Surgical technical reference of the surgeon

For more information on the intervention


Yes, usually because it affects the abdominal muscle. This is why it is recommended to take a month off work. The analgesic treatment is adapted to minimize the postoperative pain as much as possible.

Yes. After massive weight loss, a prior agreement can be granted by the Social Security.

The patient must have excess skin covering the entire pubis. This apron must have appeared as a result:

  • Post-bariatric surgery;
  • From a pregnancy;
  • After an operation (post-operative) ;
  • After a diet for severe obesity.

You can consult the criteria of assumption of responsibility on the site of the Social Security:

The patient may be summoned by the Social Security doctor to ensure that the criteria for coverage are met.

The doctor examines the patient and gives a positive or negative opinion on the treatment. An answer is usually given within 3 weeks.

Please contact your health insurance company for a possible reimbursement of fees.

No. For the other case it is an aesthetic act

It is recommended to wait at least 1 month before driving. The delay may be a little longer depending on the surgery. Dr. LELLOUCH will inform you of the modalities of recovery.

A diastasis cure is a surgical procedure that brings the rectus abdominis muscles closer together when they have been distended (by pregnancy, weight loss...). The surgery consists in suturing the rectus muscles together to close the orifice (=hernia of the linea alba). Depending on the size, a synthetic plate can be put in place. 

The tobacco is recognized as a a factor that delays skin healingwhich results in a longer healing time, increase the risk of complications and to give unsightly scars. The scientific literature agrees with this ( and this is why I recommend to all my patients to stop smoking before a plastic surgery intervention.

For any specific or additional questions, please contact us directly by mail...or on the contact form here.

Doctor Alexandre G. LELLOUCH

The Dr. Alexandre G. LELLOUCH is a surgeon specialized in Plastic Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery, registered with the Order of Physicians of the city of Paris 16 under the number 75/89697.

The Dr. Alexandre G. LELLOUCH is a specialist in cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, and aesthetic medicine injections, which he practices at the MAISON ABEILLE in Paris 16.